Masters of Fine Arts

Workshop: You Are the Weather
17 t/m 22 Feb. wordt er door de master opleiding MFA-program een workshop georganiseerd voor studenten van Akv/st. Joost.

 Roni Horn (You Are the Weather, 1994- 1995, photo installation)

Workshop: You Are the Weather
Danni van Amstel / Lorelinde Verhees

In this workshop we focus on process-driven approaches to explore the relationships between object, space and spectator.
Our workshop title is borrowed from a work made by the artist Roni Horn (You Are the Weather, 1994- 1995, photo installation) consisting of 100 close-ups of a woman's face in a pool in Island, hang on eye height on four walls. Every photo is different, yet they are all the same. You walk through the room and the image you have of her is there with you. And you, as a spectator, is there with her. Horn's work explores what it means to make, look at and experience all together. It’s a clear potion of a desire for, making art, spectatorship, place and placement, subject and object. You make the work, the work makes you, and the work was already there.
It's only brought up to the surface.
During the workshop we will have several exercises where we deal with the relations between object, space and spectator. The main focus of the course is to be conscious about the different positions. The process itself is more important than the result. After a couple of exercises you will be free to put it in practice the way you want.

We will explore: Relations between object, space and spectator as fuel of art. Relations between object, space and spectator in the artistic practice.

Bring: basic materials; tape, paper, spray cans, crayons, pencils, a camera etc. Bring: an object or a text related to yourself (something personal, found object, artwork, text/book)

Where: VORT /// Stationsweg 29 /// 's-Hertogenbosch Spoken language: Dutch and English


The Opening - 9th February at 16:00h

Dineke van oosten - Untitled
300 x 300 cm

Gijs van Lith - Stream of consciousness
100 x 70 cm (x40)


Frank van Hoorn - Tapeworks, aka Sticky-fingers (no. 2)
190 x 190cm

Frank van Hoorn - Untitled
32 x 21 cm

Grand Opening
VORTplatform gaat van start, het Kunstenaarsinitiatief van en voor kunstenaars. 

Frank van Hoorn, Dineke van Oosten en Gijs van Lith

Zondag 9 Februari, 2014, 16:00 h 

Stationsweg 29, 5211 TV 
's-Hertogenbosch, NL

The Mister Miyagi Paintings, 200 x150 cm 2013 
Gijs van Lith 

Installatie, 2012
Frank van Hoorn

A4, 110 x 90 x 29 cm, 2012
Dineke van Oosten